Association of relapsing oral ulcers and benign fasciculations. Can they be related to gluten sensitivity?

A 32-years-old male patient developed relapsing episodes presenting with oral ulcers and spread fasciculations. Neurological exams and electromyographic studies performed over 7 years follow-up did not reveal any abnormal sign other than difuse fasciculations, concluding it is a case of benign fasciculations. Imaging and laboratory studies did not show any relevant abnormal findings apart from unespecific autoimmune parameters and food allergies, suggesting an immuneallergic background. Albeit clinical improvement was achieved after empiric gluten free diet, the hypothesis linking the clinical picture to gluten sensitivity has not been proven. Up to our knowledge, this is the first report of a case with relapsing oral ulcers and benign fasciculations.

Reference: Menéndez-González M, Milla A. Brotes recurrentes de aftosis oral y fasciculaciones benignas ¿Posible relación con sensibilidad al gluten? Archivos de Medicina 2016;12(1):8 (Full text, in Spanish)